The 53rd Annual Kansas Artists Craftsmen Association Conference:

Hands-On Workshops: 

Patricia Sannit will lead a two morning, project oriented workshop where she will teach her unique approach to building parts (and to working with a community of others) the results of which she puts together to make a final sculpture or installation piece,

Additionally we have recruited workshop presenters who will lead participants through some of the basic art forms that are influencing current work in clay, glass, metal and fabric. Printmaking and collage techniques are at the core but we have thrown in a technical workshop on re-purposing dead electric kilns and a fun blow-up sculpture project where participants will create Large work.  We think any artist will benefit from these hands-on workshops with these outstanding teacher-artists.  Unfortunately you must choose ONE!


Each Workshop meets 9:30-12:30 on both Fri and Sat.

Collage - Larry Peters 

Materials will be supplied - a wood panel to work on coated with Gesso, paper, small nails, various cloth items, light weight metal, along with pencils and other mark making media, glue and brushes.  Larry will make comments about collage history, share examples and help participants with their collage projects.

Frankenkilns - Monette Mark

Learn two techniques for recycling those old electric kilns.  First help build an updraft - easily constructed with a few simple tools and extra materials.  Second is an arched design, a little more difficult but well worth the time and effort for firing larger quantities of work.  This is a unique design that disassembles and utilizes more than one kiln in its construction.

Inflatable Sculptures - Benjamin Wills

Learn Plastic Welding and inflation methods to create inflatable masterpieces of all sizes using supplies that you can regularly find in your home or classroom

Letterpress and Pressure Prints - Michael Hager

Say it with Prints: A letterpress event.  You will learn the basics of letterpress, including type setting, inking and pulling a proof print with a smathering of some relevant history along the way. AND:  Delicate Pressure: Pressure Printing on the letterpress.  Individually crafted 'collaged' matrixes (very thin material mounted to a stiff paper backing) will be printed via a pre-inked acrylic block.


--Cancelled--Spray Paint Stencil Prints - Dave Loewenstein --Cancelled-- This workshop has been cancelled with the plan to reschedule in 2019 as a part of the NOTO ArtsPlace Printmaking Studio offerings

Learn how to create bold, two-color street stencils using minimal tools.  This is the Real Deal.  If you are a fan of Banksy, take this workshop. 

Additional Activities:

*Gallery Talk by Patricia Sannit

*Round Table Discussion on the Realities of         Installation and Narrative Art Practice

*Visits to Industries that work with Artists  *Pecha Kucha - on any craft topic by                     Participants.

*Annual Meeting of the KACA


Conference Schedule:  

Friday - November 16, 2018

8:00-9:00 -- Check in at NOTO ArtsPlace (905 N. Kansas Ave.)  Submit your pieces for the Participants' Showcase and Silent Auction.

9:00 -- Welcome at 905

9:30 -- Workshops begin 

12:30 -- Workshop Session Ends - check silent auction and exhibits on your way to Lunch

1:00 -- Lunch (provided) at Stevenson's (Wheel Barrel caters)

1:30 -- Begin tours of industries that serve Artists.  (Special activity for select group) 

4:30 -- Complete tour - Check into lodging and dinner on your own.  The shops and studios in NOTO are open until 5 or 6 on Friday so, "Shop NOTO!"

6:30 -- Reception for the Mulvane Museum exhibit of Patricia Sannit's work

7:00 - 8:00 - Gallery talk / Keynote Address by Patricia and announcement of awards for exhibits.  

Saturday - Nov 17:

9:30 - 12:30 Second Session of workshops

12:45 -- Silent Auction Ends (extended to 3:30)

1:00 -- Lunch (provided - Front Door Catering) and Pannel on "The Financial and Other Realities of Narrative and Installation Practice.:  NOTO Arts Center 935 N. Kansas Ave.

Following the pannel, there will be Pecha Kucha (20 slides at 20 seconds per slide) in The Arts Center.  Everyone - and especially Students - are encouraged to practice the didactic part of their art practice by sharing something art, craft or art-biz related.  Annual meeting of the Kansas Artist Craftsmen Association will be included in the afternoon session and participants may continue with their workshop efforts if they have some final touches to complete..  

4:30 Close - please pick up your art from both the Material Masters and Participants Showcase and any Silent Auction purchases before departing.